Monday, February 27, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Back To The Real World!!

Hi, all!

Wow!  My week at QuiltCon is over, and oh, what a week it was!  So much fun, and I've got lots to share, but I'll spread it out over the week.  Here's a little peek at what went on, and then I'll share my list for the week...

It started out like this - - - standing in a long line at 8 am on Thursday morning to check in before my first class...

...and - - - SUCCESS!

My first class was with Angela Walters, learning how to use rulers on the long-arm.  It was a great class, and Angela is a really good teacher.  What a rockstar - but one cool lady too!

I REALLY wish my eyes were open!

After my morning class, I had a chance to wander around the hall and look at some of the many beautiful quilts that were entered in the competition.  Here's a few of them...

This quilt won the People's Choice award!  It was totally amazing...

And this was my favorite quilt in the "nine-patch" section - I thought it was just so creative!

The thread painting on this quilt was so amazing - very minimal piecing, but the quilting really made this quilt!

Here's another one where the quilting really stands out!  I love the combination of matchstick quilting and hand quilting!

This quilt really IS a "Stunning Star", isn't it?  Love those quilted circles in the background...

Thursday evening I had a class with Christa Watson, quilting with a walking foot on a domestic machine. The class focused on spirals and swirls and was so great, I completely forgot to take any pictures!  I was getting pretty worn out by the end of the class...

Then Friday rolled around!  This was my day to meet up with people, and it started out with a total geek out...

I got to meet Kate Spain!!  I did manage not to totally geek out, for which I am eternally grateful...  Kate is another person who is just so sweet and real, we had a great meet-up!!

It was also pretty cool to get to meet her husband Pete, who I've exchanged emails with in the past.  He's really neat too!!

Mot of the times I met up with people, I got so excited talking to them that I forgot to take pictures - but here's one of me, Mel and Tirzah!  It was awesome to meet everyone in real life, although unfortunately there were a few folks I didn't get to connect with.  Oh well - there's always next time!

Saturday was another class day - two classes, both with Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps.  I took her Wedge Play class all day Saturday, and it was so much fun!  You'll be seeing the results of that class pretty soon...

Christina is really sweet and so much fun as a teacher!  We sat around on the floor for instructions and passed samples around, then played on our sewing machines all day!  Exciting news, too - she's got a new book coming out in November, which will be more about her Wedge Play quilts!

During the two-hour lunch break, we sat out on the grass by the river and watched the big container ships go by.  I was eating with Christina and Jack (short for Jacqueline) and it was so funny when this ship went by - we all three said, "Wow, there's a quilt in that!"  The colors were just beautiful!

I also got to take Christina's Wild Quilting class - and I found out that I am horribly rusty at free-motion quilting on a domestic machine!  But the class was a great learning experience, and I'll be able to translate a lot of what I learned to the long arm.

All in all, I had such an awesome time at QuiltCon!  I'll share more pictures during the week, but I don't want to bore you too much right now!

And now here's my list of to-do's for this week...

1.  Put together the final Stunning Stars quilt (which is also a baby quilt for a gift!)

2.  Write the tutorial for that quilt.

3.  Cut out a shirt for Nathanael.

4.  Start working on projects for the next secret sewing for Free Spirit Fabrics!

5.  Finish up my Wedge Play project.

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

I'm going to keep it short this week because I've got to get the last Stuning Stars quilt finished for this coming Sunday and two weeks from today is the reveal of the new secret project for Free Spirit - and there's a lot to do between now and then!!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week? 



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stunning Stars #5 - "Ring Around The Roses"!

Hi, all!

Welcome to the fifth week, and the fifth quilt, of the Stunning Stars Quilt-Along!  It's been a wild ride so far, and it's so exciting to hear so many of you talking about making your own star quilt - music to my ears!!  This week's quilt is one I made a while ago to debut a new fabric line for Free Spirit Fabrics, but I promised a tutorial for it then, so here it is!

I named this quilt "Ring Around The Roses" - I love the way the friendship stars nestle into each other!  

This block has been on my bucket list for a long time, but I didn't want to make it more than once, so I super-sized it for this quilt.

Wanting to showcase more of the Free Spirit fabrics in the quilt top, I used a print to make the final border on this version.  The tutorial below calls for a border made of the background print instead.

I did a brightly colored charm square patchwork back for this one to contrast with the relatively calm front.  I love all those pretty roses and pastel colors paired with the Kona Honeydew!

So here's the tutorial for this quilt - as a one-block quilt, it's really pretty easy, provided you are careful in putting your pieces together correctly as you sew them up.  Enjoy!


“Ring Around The Roses”
A Stunning Stars Quilt

Finished size:  approximately 66” square


8 Prints - fat quarters or 1/4 yards

3 1/4 yards background fabric


From each of your prints, you will cut two 7” squares to make the HSTs for the star points.  You can also choose to make your centers in the same print; in that case, you will also cut one 6.5” square.

From your background fabric, cut:

A - Eight 6.5” squares (unless you chose to make your star centers with the print.)  

B - One 18.5” square (center)

C - Four 12.5” squares (outer corners)

D - Eight 6.5” x 12.5” rectangles (top, bottom and sides)

You will also need sixteen 7” background squares for the HSTs that make up the star points.

E - Two 6.5” x 54.5” strips (side borders, can be pieced)

F - Two 6.5” x 66” strips (top and bottom borders, can be pieced)

NOTE:  You may want to wait to finalize the length of the borders until the center unit is completed, to be sure they fit properly on your quilt.


Pair up each 7” print square with a 7” background square.  Draw a diagonal line on the back of the background piece. Using the traditional method, make the HSTs for the star points.   Trim all of the HSTs to 6.5” square.  Don’t skip this step - you’ll be happier with the finished quilt if you take a few minutes to do it!

Please ignore my measurement notes in the bottom border!

Place the center square on your design wall and, using your HSTs and center 6.5” squares (either background or print, depending on your choice), arrange the stars as shown on the diagram.  Place the C and D background pieces as shown.

This diagram may make it easier to see how the stars relate to each other...
Don't use it for background placements, though.  Mine is assembled differently!

Now take the three blocks that touch the right side of the center square and sew them together, being careful to keep them in the right positions.  Repeat for the left side blocks.  Sew both strips to the center square.  Replace on the design wall.

Now take the five blocks that touch the top of the center unit you just created and sew them together, being careful to keep them in the right positions.  Repeat for the blocks that touch the bottom of the center unit.  Sew both strips to the center square.  Replace on the design wall.  

The next parts to assemble are the right and left sides, two columns of blocks that fit between the 12.5” corner squares.  Assemble those units and attach them to the center unit.

Now you will assemble the top and bottom sections.  Assemble the block units that fit between the two corner units, then attach the corner units to them.  Attach them to the center unit.

Now measure your quilt across the center vertically.  Make your right and left borders that length, pinning them to the sides of the quilt top and easing as necessary to make them fit.

Repeat for the top and bottom borders, measuring your quilt across the center horizontally.

Congratulations!  You’ve finished your quilt top!!


I hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I did!  It's fun and easy and would make a great gift for a friend - remember, it's a friendship star!

And if this is the first week you've caught of the quilt-along, here's the quilts we've already seen...

There's only one more Stunning Stars quilt to go!  I'll share it next Sunday, and then we start the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2017 the following week!  Are you excited yet?



Friday, February 24, 2017

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? QuiltCon 2017!

Hi, all!

Wow!  It's Friday again - can you believe how fast the weeks go by?  But Friday means it's time to get our whoop whoop on - are you ready?  Let's get started!

I'm at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah GA this weekend, enjoying classes with the likes of Angela Walters, Christa Watson, and Christina Cameli, and getting to meet some blog and Instagram friends in real life!  I have to say I'm really excited!!  With any luck I'll have been able to update this post with pictures from QuiltCon, but if I don't have access to internet, that may have to wait until next week.  If there aren't any pictures here, you can see what I've been seeing and doing by checking out my Instagram feed - I'm @fabricaddictquilts there.  I'm sure I'll be flooding IG with lots and lots of pictures!

And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share - we want to dance right along with you - 
And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!